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  • Not even the slightest twinge of guilt pulled at him. Well, it wasn t like he didn t have a time machine.
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  • If you were a man of any merit, even one somehow forced into crime at the start, you would take the proceeds outside of your own subsistence, and you would give them to those in need, she said.
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    Well, if he kissed another woman while going out with you, then he deserved it. He hadn t gotten a good look at what it was, and he wasn t sure he wanted to from what little he had seen.
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  • Normally, he did attend public appearances and social events to keep suspicions eyes looking in the other direction because he d built up quite the name for himself over the years and reclusive tycoons were targets for bloodthirsty journalists.
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  • She didn t say anything as he took her hand and helped her into the car. Watching me? she said with surprise, I can t imagine Who cares?
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