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    Tanya stifled a laugh and tilted her head toward Elsa, Not exactly, Linda, you know who he likes. I will say though, you are making this really hard for me.
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  • She turned her head to see Lucas pillow was empty, Where s Lucas? How he distracted her thoughts to the point where she could not concentrate on her work, how she fell on the track, and how thoughts of him crept into her mind when she awoke first thing in the morning.
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    She could hear the snapping of branches as it tore through them at a breakneck speed.
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  • After the Doctor left, Tanya turned to Linda, What the hell was that about?

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  • I can t even trust myself to make the right decision, and now my best friend is missing, and could be dead .all because of me!
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  • She had seen such horrible things in the past few hours, and didn t realize 369 Lietha Wards it could have been a lot worse if Lucas hadn t been there to protect her. She felt jealous from the way he was holding and guiding her.
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